Mike & Deborah MacLean:

I wanted to take a few minutes to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful moving experience provided by your company, Elite Moving and Transportation.

Moving a home is a stressful experience with so many things on a person's mind, and of course the overall hope of nothing being damaged.

From our first phone conversation, I felt that we were being handled by a professional organization. You were very thorough in providing all the information a person would need.

When the truck arrived, my first impression was again, of a professional company. A very modern, clean, state of the art truck with a loading tailgate, and not just a portable ramp.

However the best was yet to come. The two employees that completed all the work, Roman and Igor were absolutely fantastic. The best way that we could describe them, would be to say, your company has two very thoughtful and caring gentlemen.

Both Roman and Igor took the utmost care in moving all of our furniture and important keepsakes. It should be noted, that they took great pride in wrapping furniture with plastic to keep doors/drawers from opening and wrapping everything in blankets to keep them damage free and safe during their trip in the truck.

Not one item was damaged, marked or bruised. Not one wall was touched in any way. They covered all the carpeted surfaces and treated our home and possessions as if it was their own.

Last, but not least, was their behavior. Again, both Roman and Igor were the most polite and courteous two men you could want to do business with. Your company can be proud of the way they carried out their responsibilities

Of final note, was your pricing. Everything was exactly as you had explained over the phone, reviewed again by Igor upon arrival and was to say at the least, very reasonably priced.

To sum up, a job very well priced and completed. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a professional, worry free moving experience.

Wishing you and your company Great Success

Best Regards

Mike & Deborah MacLean

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